An open partnership invitation for corporates

Radar Properties extends the invitation to corporate players and banks alike to take advantage of the 14 commercial stands covering a total of 41 hectares, 60 institutional stands totalling 247 hectares in size, and 426 hectares dedicated to light industrial property development. The invitation remains open ended with the opportunity for each investor to propose an investment plan within and beyond the structure of those set out below.


Set up a private mortgage. Banks and corporates have the opportunity to create a mortgage facility for employees against their salaries allowing them the opportunity of home ownership.

Land Banking

It’s not a question of whether or not land appreciates, but rather how much it will appreciate. A purchase today at current rates guarantees growth. Land will inherently increase in value as demand grows for the limited asset. 

Build for rental

The upmarket standards set for Kings City create an opportunity for stable, long-term cash flows generated by well structured rental property with high cashflows from a youthful market for long term gains.

Company accommodation

Companies have the opportunity to setup employee accommodation units for different classes within their organisation with land available from 600, 1000, 2000 to 6000 square metre stands available.

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